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Alexander Bezrodnykh

Alexander Bezrodnykh - artist from St. Petersburg. Works in various styles of oil painting, and also make to order copies of classical painting (Dutch still life, impressionism). By profession muralist, that is a specialist in the wall painting: mosaics, sgraffito, stained glass, fresco, tempera paintings on the wall.

Graduated from the Chelyabinsk Art School (1976 - 1980),St. Petersburg Artistic and Industrial Academy imuvane(1983-1988). Since 1988 he participated in exhibitions of the Union of Artists, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Many works are sold and are in private collections "galleries": in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Poland, the Czech Republic.

Has executed a mosaic of 200 square meters in 1989: side walls of the House of Children's Creativity.

In 1990 he took part in painting,345 square meters in children's hospital.
In 1994 he took part in painting of the Cathedral domes radius R-7m;height H-7m arrives at. the City of Chernivtsi, Western Ukraine.
In 1999 was made by 14 paintings ,size:HC "the Road of Christ for the Church ;the town of Leba, Poland .
Participated in plain air:
1998-2003 - the town of Leba , Poland.
1999-2003 - smoldzino, Poland.
2001-2003 - Great Ustyug, the North of Russia.
2004-personal exhibition in prusch-gdaniskiy (3 may-16 may), Poland, and took part in the exhibition "International Art in Vessenshaftpark"(may 14-27 August), Germany.
2005-INTA, under,Subpolar Ural.
June 2006-personal exhibition in prusch-gdaniskiy , Poland June 2006-open air gtjew .Polestar June-July 2006-Exhibition garsalan 20.3-20.4/ 2008-personal exhibition Sestroretsk