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Adrienne Egger

Adrienne Egger was born in Colorado, raised between Portland, Oregon and Kansas City and studied in Boston and Salzburg, Austria, where she has been living since. Her current project, the “Watercolours” series, is an exploration of circumstance and a declaration of love to color. How does something formless and clear become so detailed and vibrant? It is “a sea of glass mingled with fire,” much like our souls, reflecting its depth and situation as an ever-moving mirror. Painted with multiple layers of oil, the represented colours themselves take on the elusive nature of water, interacting with the ambient light to create an image that moves and relates.

Adrienne selects images that celebrate colour, magnify nuances of a shape and form and challenge perceptions of the seemingly banal. She is fascinated by cultural subtleties and the international fashion of aesthetics that exudes playfulness into contemporary art. It is the tight rope between pop culture and nostalgia, timeless craftsmanship and modern technology that inspires and challenges Adrienne’s creative eye.

Since devoting herself full-time to painting in 2013, Adrienne has shown in various live and online exhibitions as well as received several international awards. There are many paintings, series and projects in her mind yet to be painted. It is easy at times to become impatient and yet to be able to stand before the easel, brushes in hand, is precious and evokes repeatedly one overwhelming emotion: gratitude.