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Adriana Hoban

Hoban's artwork is innovative, unpredictable, fun, creative and unexpected. No limits of the materials or ideas.

Art for me is an amazement that makes me just a deliverer of the result of my inner child play-work.
I work with all the materials: paints, textiles, lights, sound and anything that catches my attention but the main thing is innovation. I love to create new, innovative and interesting ideas. I just listen my inner voice and I never doubt or wonder – I just do it. I do ART!!! Inspiration tells me what to do and what to look at. It is a little voice that dictated me to see different people, situations, happenings, feelings. From there ideas are running in my mind and paper sometimes the fun part WORK - the best thing for me. The creation process stops the time for me, no thoughts, no time, and no limits of any kind. Materials are coming in the process and dance together.

My purpose is to create; my art purpose is to heal societies. I like to call myself doctor of society; I try to heal trough art. I create art having this main purpose but in the same time I want to make a point about life, feelings, good or bad happenings and sometimes I just do ART!

Shortlisted of IT's ART Call 2016