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Adam Wallace

My practice is a study of the body, the fleshy substance that defines and describes us.

Working across different media I examine the relationship between the body, the consumer society and identity, both the inner world of feeling and self-belief, and how we construct and project a sense of self into social spaces, both real and virtual. Collaging flesh with industrial objects and household items, I create somewhat disturbing, yet humorous images, which question the boundary between Self and Other; asking to what extent we define our identity through the external objects we possess.

My work exposes as hollow the claims of politicians and advertising executives, that increased consumer-choice equates to increased freedom, and that through acquiring material possessions we can achieve happiness

My work is a personal visual representation of the globalised, consumer society, with its slavish dedication to vacuous pleasure, its temporary and disposable nature, wherein everything is a commodity, fit only according to its relationship to the market, to be raised, depressed or discarded accordingly