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Private view 18th of May

A collaborative exhibition presented by:

                          The Cult House                          & Creative Debuts

The show will be a celebration of abstract art, ranging from bold, mind bending creations to beautifully simplistic masterpieces.

Come along to see some of the best undiscovered abstract artists transforming the walls of

The Black & White Building

From: 18 to 26 of May – PV 18th of May 7-10pm

Click here to attend the PV

Full list of participants:

Adam Warwick Hall

Antonio De Pasquale


Blandine Martin

Francisco Javier Villa Romero

Gary Scott

Guy Kennedy

James Reid

Joe Turpin

Kora Moya Rojo

Leah Michelle Norris

Liliana Gallagher

Magdalena Sevcik

Mania Alice Mihaela

Marc Smith

Petra Lea

 Rigulio Graak

RipOff Art

Sue Hall

Tamsin Corrigan

Teresa Zerafa Byrne

Zoka tos


Graphic Design by: Sai Miller

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